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Chief Executive Officer

Brooklyn-born, culinary trained and an avid traveler, Freddie co-founded the lifestyles brand, Off Track Planet, in 2010 with Anna Starostinetskaya, popularized by their travel guide book series for the “Young, Sexy & Broke” inspiring millions to see the world on a backpacker’s budget. Throughout his journey around the world, Freddie gained perspective on the food systems necessary to create thriving communities. After volunteering on family farms across the U.S., Freddie was inspired to build a company that focused on making access to responsibly grown, nutrient-rich and environmentally conscious food the norm, not the exception.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Sara’s passion for the environment initially stemmed from being a concerned mother of two looking at a future with polluted air, a lack of potable water, and food scarcity. In 2006 she was inspired to co-found African water charity Drop in the Bucket with a small group of friends. An increased awareness of the global water crisis led her to immerse herself into the “green movement.” In 2012 she graduated from the UCLA Global Sustainability Program and went on to found Green Life Consulting to help businesses implement sustainability strategies into their operations and physical spaces. She enjoys travel to eco-destinations, organic wine, and life’s greener experiences.

Chief Content Officer

Anna was a fat kid; and not baby fat but real, from-McDonald’s-Happy-Meals kind of blubber. An immigrant from the former U.S.S.R., her family relied on fast food for almost every meal. During her efforts to lose weight, Anna learned about industrialized farming, corporatized food systems, and the impact those things had on her health and the world around her. Anna chose to go vegan in 2010 shortly after moving to New York where she co-founded travel company Off Track Planet with Freddie Pikovsky and acted as the Chief of Content. Anna moved to San Francisco in 2014 where she worked as a writer and editor for VegNews—the world’s largest vegan lifestyles magazine and media brand.

VP of

Adam is a foodie addicted to delivery and bargain prices with a high standard for the products that show up on his doorstep. An expert communicator and an early adopter with a finger on the pulse of upcoming trends, Adam is tasked with developing strategic partnerships, discovering new and exciting products while building relationships with suppliers at Farmer’s Diet. Adam likes motorcycles because they’re better (and badder) than cars.

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