Welcome to Farmer’s Diet.

Farmers Diet is a new kind of company. We are a trusted lifestyles brand with the convenience of an online market that serves both the community and the environment with the goal of providing our customers with the healthiest products available. Farmers Diet is a certified B Corporation—similar to a Fair Trade label but applied to businesses—which we chose to pursue in order to represent our mission-driven practices.

We are a conscious company using business as a force of good built on the foundation of the following four pillars:

Health & Nutrition

Food is intended by nature to be the medicine that our bodies need for optimal health and performance. However, our food and personal care products have been drastically altered over the last 50 years and most packaged products are processed to death resulting in foods that replace needed nutrients with preservatives and chemicals. Everyone knows someone with diabetes, cancer, or an autoimmune disease, and health care expenses are through the roof as more than half of the US population ingests pharmaceutical “medications”. We are not doctors; just logical humans. To pursue our mission to take the guesswork out of making the right choices we created the Farmer’s Diet Certification Program—a multi-prong evaluation of every product we sell to ensure it meets our high quality standards. We focus on non-toxic, nutrient-dense food that’s made with integrity from source to your doorstep and provide engaging content that bolsters a healthy lifestyle.  

Environment & Sustainability

There’s no denying that the industrial food system, be it animal factory farms or pesticide-ridden mono-crop fields, is detrimental to the environment. Our natural ecosystems, capable of feeding all inhabitants from land to sea, have been thrown out of whack by irresponsible waste disposal, soil and ocean acidification, and water pollution. By turning to farmers who pay attention to the intricate natural systems that make their products possible and sustainable, we intend to bring balance back into the system. We look to suppliers with farming practices that treat animals humanely, handle waste responsibly, and respect natural resources. To go one step further, we purchase carbon offsets with the help of TerraPass in order to measure our carbon footprint and encourage our customers to do the same to offset theirs. Native American populations planned their food production practices to last for seven generations into the future and at Farmer’s Diet, we passionately hold similar aspirations.  

Ethics & Transparency

Farmer’s Diet aims to be ethical and transparent in every crevice of our business practices. Our notion of ethical responsibility extends to all animals, including humans. In addition to fair wages and paid leave, our employees are encouraged to lead active lifestyles, both physically and mentally, and be disruptive critical thinkers to help us achieve our lofty goals of restructuring our toxic food systems. When it comes to transparency, we guarantee that our products have nothing to hide. Our intention is to transfer the power to choose to the hands of the consumer by eradicating misleading labels, marketing ploys, and inaccurate information. Therefore, products that do not fall within our core standards will be labeled and marketed as such. It’s only fair.

Community & Education

Following the old adage that there is a greater power in numbers, we believe that community outreach and education are vital to truly effect change. From supporting local farmers to engaging social media influencers that share our goals, we invest in conscious communities in order to empower consumers to interact with their food producers. We host events for schools, youth groups, and food desert inhabitants to expose underserved populations to our transformative ideals. We support like-minded social enterprises, promote interaction between contributors to the slow food movement, and advocate the building of community programs, gardens, and events. We welcome naysayers in an effort to create opportunities for discussion with the end goal of collaborating to change perceptions.

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