How to Do Halloween Candy Better

Halloween is an exciting time when all caution is thrown to the wind. You want to dress like Donald Trump holding a locker room with a handful of cats inside of it? Fine. Feel like jumping out of dark corners to scare unsuspecting strangers? Totally cool right now. Eating crap candy? Never! Candy corporations are frothing at the mouth in October to sell you their junky sugar bombs. This year, we’re showing you how to avoid all the chemicals in those neon-colored gummy glops and instead, feed your sweet tooth with something more sincere. Here are four Halloween candy ideas that’ll help you kick those Kit Kats to the curb.

Visit Better Candy Bars


Awaken that kid-in-a-candy-store inside and visit the many candy stores across the country where you can buy better-for-you sweets by weight. A few of our favorites—New York-based Dylan’s Candy Bar, The Sweet Shop, and Handsome  Dan’s—are adult playgrounds filled with jars of fun-flavored treats and carefully crafted confections. Not in New York? Larger conscious companies with wide distribution are making Halloween shopping at grocery stores much easier. Check out Annie’s organic Bunnies and Bats at a Whole Foods Market near you.

Make Your Own

The thought of churning out your own Snickers bars might be a bit intimidating but luckily, several popular Halloween candies can be made with just a quick trip to the kitchen. Consider candy corn: The popular kind made by Brach’s has so much junk in it we don’t have the room to list all of its confusing ingredients. Leave that stuff alone and try this amazing recipe for at-home candy corn which requires only eight ingredients that aren’t hard to come by. Plus, since making the candy “dough” requires only eight steps, you can be out of the kitchen and on the couch pounding these while watching a marathon of Nightmare on Elm Street in no time.

Order Online

Small batch candy producers live online due to lowered overhead costs such as rent. Keyword search “candy” on Etsy and you’ll come across a host of treats made by hand by someone who cares about quality. A one-stop-shop option is Hunny Bon—a “conscious confectionary” that only uses organic, non-GMO ingredients in their all vegan creations! Divided into shopping categories (sweet, salty, crunchy, and sour) to nail your cravings, Hunny Bon features everything from salty chocolate-covered pretzels to gelatin-free gummies. What’s wrong with gelatin? Well, this video says it all.

Add Halloween Pizzaz 

What makes certain candy so fitting for Halloween? Really, it’s all in the packaging. Anything orange or black, decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats this time of year is considered Halloween-ready. That said, grab some tiny holiday decor and use a toothpick to attach it to raw sugar-free chocolate truffles or pack your better confections in Halloween-themed wrappers. In the end, it’s all just festive sugar and you might as well go for the better stuff that doesn’t offer a heaping serving of GMOs, artificial colors, and general unpronounceable garbage.

Anna StarostinetskayaHow to Do Halloween Candy Better

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