Farmer’s Diet Presents: Amy’s Farm Video Spotlight

An inspiring story about bringing communities together and getting back to the basics.

What does it take to make food great again? We recently learned about the honest practices of Amy’s Farm where the goal is to connect people with their food. This non-profit farm sells their produce—which is grown with absolutely zero chemicals—directly from its Ontario, California property to ensure that their customers can touch and see what they eventually eat. From glistening green lettuce to happy goats, Amy’s Farm is what lesser farms strive to be when they wise-up. To get the full picture of what this place was all about, we turned our cameras to Farmer Randy, who couldn’t have told a better story about Amy’s Farm.

Interested in visiting Amy’s farm? You can always give Farmer Randy a hand by volunteering or learn more about good food by taking an educational tour – go to: to find out more!

FreddieFarmer’s Diet Presents: Amy’s Farm Video Spotlight

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